Collar up! Shoes on!

Photo by Kaitlyn Piccoli

Photo by Kaitlyn Piccoli

By Tanya Wayne

For girls, getting ready to go on that first date with the guy they’ve had a crush on for a while can be a never ending process. There is so much preparation that goes into play. There is the manicure, the hair, and the make-up. Then comes deciding what outfit to wear that will make you look good and blow your date’s mind away. Approaching your closet can be the toughest part in getting ready, although there are some things to think about when picking out your attire.

Janis Spindel, a New York City matchmaker with 15 years experience and hundreds of marriages to her name, says that “boys like girls to look like girls.” “She should look feminine, well groomed, and tastefully sexy,” said Spindel, “that means skirts, dresses, heels, and not too much makeup.”

Remember that what you wear on that first date may or may not be the key to the second date. “You have to dress classy on the first date,” said Maureen Tara Nelson, a Long Island matchmaker, “you need to put your best foot forward because first impressions are what everyone will remember.” Nelson, who is a lifelong Nassau County resident with 8 years in the matchmaking business and close to 1,000 success stories, also believes that people should get a little but more dressed up for a date. Nelson said that if a girl is going to wear jeans on a date, “to wear it with heels and an extra piece of jewelry.” When going on a date, you should ask the guy where he plans on taking you. This will also play a part in what you wear. For example, if you’re going out to a date in the city, what you wear to go there would be completely different than if you were going bowling and for a quick bite.

Not only do you want to look nice, you also want to be comfortable and yourself. Debra Burrell is a licensed psychotherapist and relationship expert who trained directly with Dr. John Gray, the author of “Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus.” She said girls should wear “nothing too prissy and nothing too revealing.” “Wear something you feel comfortable in and don’t have to check every 2 seconds to make sure nothing is sticking out,” said Burrell.

Guys, you have not been forgotten. While most of us know that you don’t take as much time to get ready for a date as a girl does, there is still a bit of advice for you. Spindel and Nelson both believe that a guy should try to wear khaki’s. If you don’t own any pair of khaki’s, “jeans, a nice shirt, and nice shoes” can be acceptable says Spindel, adding that “as long as he is well groomed, he can wear whatever he feels he looks good and feels comfortable in.”

David Coleman, also known as “the dating doctor” and “America’s Real Life Hitch,” believes that a person “should dress to compliment the physical positives of your particular figure, frame and level of health.” Coleman, who has been featured in many media outlets ranging from U.S. Magazine to many radio stations around the country, also advises to dress in “your communication style.” “If you dress one way, yet carry yourself in a completely manner, your date will think you are psychotic,” said Coleman.

Of course, on college campus there are a lot of couples who have been dating a while. As the relationship progresses, some can get too comfortable with the other and not dress as well as they used to. In other words, living in sweat pants and a t-shirt and always going out dressed like that. While there is nothing wrong with wearing this, definitely change it up. Don’t let yourself get caught in a rut.

Celebrity fashion stylist Wayne Scot Lukas knows this first hand. He said he made this mistake and advises people to “stay as conscious as you were when you tried to woo this person in the first place.” Lukas, who was the host and head stylist of TLC’s “What Not to Wear” on the first season, has 27 years of experience in dressing people to look their best for any occasion. “I would loose the sweats, the too comfortable athletic clothes, and pajamas as everyday wear,” said Lukas.

“Playing dress up changes the mood and emotion of the date,” said Coleman, “plus, some people look darn good when they dress to the nines so why not show off what works best for you.”

Dressing up can also be beneficial for the couple. It will help keep things fresh even after you’ve been dating for a while. Coleman added that dressing nicer once and a while “keeps people interested and on their toes a bit.”

“Sometimes, when people become a ‘couple’ they stop going the extra mile like they did when they were simply ‘courting.’ A lack of effort can sometimes be misinterpreted as a lack of affection or caring,” said Coleman.

Dressing up is always a good surprise for your boyfriend or girlfriend. Planning a nicer date so you both can take advantage of changing your style for a night will also be a lot of fun.

Girls, as Spindel said, “that little black dress can go a long way.” Guys, as Nelson said, wear “khakis and a polo shirt” and “dress to impress.” If it’s the first date, you’ll make an awesome impression. If it’s the 1,000th date, it’ll spice things up. These two simple pieces of advice will never go wrong.

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