Racing For Research

By Jenny Stein

Two Hofstra Grads dedicate their stamina and time to raise money for cancer research.

Photo: Brightroom

Photo: Brightroom

Hofstra grads Lauren Mann and Dominick Martimucci trained to run the Country Music Marathon in Nashville, Tennessee to raise money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. The two, who met through Hofstra’s television program, are members of Team in Training, the world’s largest endurance sports training program.

The society, which funds research into blood cancers and aims to improve the quality of life of patients and their families, has raised over $600 million since its founding in 1949.

Q: Since Hofstra, you two have remained close and now work together?

Lauren Mann: Yeah, Dom got me this job through this Yahoo group called Dempster rats. He has been the editor here at Grey’s [Grey Worldwide, a global marketing and advertising agency] for about two and a half years, and he needed an assistant editor. I’ve been here since September.

Q: How did you become involved with Team in Training?

LM: They came to Grey’s to speak about the program; some cancer survivors came and spoke about how they raise money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. There was this one girl who survived Hodgkin’s disease and I started tearing up listening to her speak. I told myself, these people have cancer and if they’re training to do it, why can’t I?


Q: What does your training usually entail?

LM: We do training on Tuesdays at 6:40 AM and Saturdays at 8:30 AM in Central Park. Our head trainer Ramon sends out weekly emails and calendars of dates we’re scheduled to train. At first we started out with a three mile run and now we’re working up to 14 miles over the George Washington Bridge.

Q: How are you able to incorporate your training into your work schedules and everyday lives?

Dominick Martimucci: If we miss a day of training we usually make up for it on a treadmill run. We have to cross train by ourselves as well.

Q: With all this training, have you ever wanted to give up?

DM: Some days have been more difficult than others. We used to think “Oh, we have to go run 15 miles,” but now we do it and go, “Oh, that was awesome.” Now a five or six mile run is considered a light practice.

Q: How do you go about fundraising?

LM: Well, nationally we have to raise $3,800 each. Every state is different, like New Jersey has to raise $2,200 each. We have a lot of fundraisers here at Grey’s. Every Friday we have bake sales and next Thursday we’re hosting a bar night. We also had candy-grams on Valentine’s Day. And all the money goes 100 percent to [the leukemia society].


Q: Where do you see your future with Team in Training?

LM: I’ve decided to register with New York Road Runners because Team in Training does all their races through them. After completing nine races and volunteering once, you automatically qualify to run the New York Marathon in 2010.

Q: Dom, will you be doing the same?

DM: Yeah, this has been a group effort for the two of us. And it’s just exciting being able to tell others about it. When you run into someone and they ask what’s new, now I can tell them I’m training to run a marathon. If someone once told me that, I’d use to think that it’s unbelievable and they were crazy.

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