NYPD Retiree Keeps Hofstra Safe

By Samantha Davies

John O’Malley brings his NYPD background to Hofstra’s campus to ensure that it remains safe by acting as head of Public Safety


With the high crime rates that occur in Hofstra’s neighboring areas, many students may feel uneasy at school. That’s why the University employed, Associate Manager of Public Safety, John O’Malley. With O’Malley’s NYPD background and his daily contributions to Public Safety, students can sleep well at night knowing he’s in charge.

O’Malley graduated from Fordham University with a bachelor’s degree in education, but he soon decided to pursue a career in the police force. His love of helping others led him to his twenty years in the NYPD. Throughout his career in New York City he has experienced devastating incidents such as domestic disputes, fatal accidents, suicides, murders and other harrowing situations. “Every day was a challenge,” says O’Malley, “the amount of cruelty that individuals inflict on one another is beyond comprehension.”

Although it was many years ago, he can still envision his most challenging case in his career. While trying to uncover specific organized crimes, he was ordered to wear recording devices and attend the actual meetings of the suspects. This occurred for a period of over six months and resulted in numerous arrests and convictions in both State and Federal Courts. “There are always moments as a police officer that you are frightened or concerned,” says O’Malley.

It was after O’Malley retired from the NYPD that he was soon asked to work at Hofstra University within the field department. He has now been here for 21 years and has climbed the ladder up to Associate Manager. “This career has exposed me to a population I wasn’t familiar with,” says O’Malley. As for our safety here at Hofstra, O’Malley assures us that there are no major safety problems, but it’s always important to let Public Safety know if you are feeling uncomfortable.

“My advice would be to always be alert to whoever is around you, use the buddy system, utilize public safety escort services and last but not least drink in moderation,” says O’Malley. As to whether or not his career has changed him he says, “I like to think that it hasn’t changed me, but educated me and made me become more benevolent to the needs of people.”

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