Web Entrepreneur

By Samantha Schatz

As a Hofstra undergraduate, Jeffrey Saliture founded the burgeoning networking site MyWorkster.com.

Jeff Saliture

Jeff Saliture

It all started in a Hofstra University dorm room. In 2005, frustrated with the difficulties of finding an internship because he lacked connections, Jeffrey Saliture founded a website that acts as a networking utility for professionals, providing access to millions of jobs and thousands of human resources.

Now headquartered in Plainview, N.Y., Saliture says MyWorkster operates on the same principles as networking utilities like Facebook. The site’s promise to “help advance ambitious professionals with their career goals” seems to have special appeal in the current economy; Saliture says the site had more than 250,000 new visitors in the first three months of 2009.

To accommodate the increased demand, he plans to build up MyWorkster’s infrastructure. “More people than ever before are signing up with MyWorkster to find the job they want and deserve,” says Saliture. “We just have to ensure that we have the proper pieces in place to support our growth.”

Recently, MyWorkster launched Facebook Connect, a utility that enables users to import Facebook friends into MyWorkster, giving them a larger database of professional contacts.

Recently, with Saliture’s help, Hofstra University became the first higher education institution in the United States to provide online career advising through MyWorkster. MyWorkster@Hofstra allows students and graduates to find alumni advisors in a wide variety of professions, and offers current students and graduates an innovative way to connect with their alma mater. Other schools on the MyWorkster network now include Yale, the University of Pennsylvania, Columbia University, and the University of Michigan.

Saliture was inspired to start MyWorkster by a senior he met during freshman orientation who was starting his own business. “I remember thinking how far off and impossible starting my own business seems for me,” Saliture recalls. “Little did I know then, that two years later, as a junior, I would be that same guy and have that exact conversation with an incoming freshman.” His first business venture was an online site for buying and exchanging textbooks, SaveandTrade.com, co-founded with his friend Yusuf Qasim.

Another friend and coworker, Tarek Pertew, describes Saliture as “quite different than most people I have ever met.” Jeff is a sleepwalker, he says; once, when Saliture was traveling on business, he was discovered in a hotel lobby reading a newspaper, sound asleep.

Saliture credits his success with his “impassioned avoidance of settling for less.” Indeed, he still hopes to achieve a goal he set for himself as a history major at Hofstra: to attend law school.

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